Tips For Shopping & Staying In Your Budget This Holiday Season


It’s no secret that most girls love shopping, and sometimes it gets out of control, especially during the holiday season. You get to the mall, one purchase turns into two, two turns into three, then you look down and your hands are filled with bags. You might have also only wanted to spend $100 at the mall that day, but ended up spending well over that.

Here are some helpful tips so you can stay in your budget while shopping!

  1. Take cash out, don’t use your credit card. Once you run out of cash, you know it’s time to leave
  2. Use phone apps such as RetailMeNot for discounts
  3. Shop online so you can see exactly how much it is before checking out
  4. Wait until there is a good sale so you get more bang for your buck. (EX. Black Friday)
  5. Sign up for store reward points. Trust me they add up!
  6. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this”
  7. Set a reasonable budget
  8. Don’t wait till the last minute to buy what you need
  9. Try the look for less
  10. Go shopping ALONE!


Remember these tips while shopping for the holidays, regardless if it’s for you or someone else. Now, if there is something that you really want and it’s out of your budget, just add it to your Christmas list!

Post Author: CourtneyOMG