Beyonce Joins “Mi Gente” Remix, Donates Proceeds To Hurricane Relief

Newly twin mommy and the queen of all queens Beyonce has joined in on a remix of J Balvin and Willy William’s hit “Mi Gente.” The Beehive went crazy on Thursday evening when she announced that she was teaming up to remix Mi Gente and donating all her proceeds to disaster relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other recently affected Caribbean islands.

According to Billboard magazine, here is how the collaboration came to be:

A remake of an original song by Willy Williams, “Mi Gente” had the makings of a global hit when it was first released in April and immediately sparked talk of a general market remix. “But we wanted it to live for a while and get as big as it could on a global scale in Spanish,” says Rebeca Leon, who co-manages Balvin with Balvin’s label… While many expressed interest, Beyonce was at the top of the list. To Balvin and his team’s surprise, when asked, she said yes — motivated in part, they learned later, by her daughter Blue (Azul in Spanish) and her love of the song. “We reached out, never thinking they would say yes,” says Leon. But within weeks Beyonce was recording the Spanish version, written by Sky, Balvin’s producer.


What a great way to use their superstar platforms to help benefit the communities affected by natural disasters that took place over this last month. The power of music goes a long way and if Queen Bee is apart of it, I’m all over it.


Post Author: CourtneyOMG