Camila Cabello Debuts ‘Havana’ Music Video

Camila Cabello has graced us with her new ‘Havana’ music video! This enticing telenovela features Young Thug and Latin superstars Lele Pons and Lejuan James who help enhance the theatrics of this production by playing Cabello’s supportive family during her desperate time of need.

According to Billboard magazine, “The video opens on Cabello as a gorgeous telenovela actress, who has just walked in on her lover in bed with her best friend and the maid. It turns out, it wasn’t her lover, but her lover’s twin. Her actual lover ‘comes out of the closet’ for her, and gets down on one knee. The scene pans out to show the old-fashioned television that real-life Camila Cabello was watching the telenovela on before the television cuts to black and the viewers are introduced to a new scene.”

With this star strutting performance, Cabello has earned herself a spot on Billboard’s top 20! Camila has been hitting Billboard charts ever since she started her solo music career and I couldn’t be happier for her. I can’t say that I’m surprised by her success because I knew she always had it in her, but I must say, she exceeded my expectation. Although I miss her days in Fifth Harmony, I love who Camila has turned into. This diva has truly left my heart in Havana.

Post Author: CourtneyOMG