Nicki Minaj Covers Billboard Magazine The No.1s Issue

nicki-minaj-bb38-2015-billboard-620Nicki Minaj is ending this year by showing off her many musical accomplishments on the cover of Billboard magazine’s ‘The No.1’s’ issue.

Besides her album The Pinkprint going number one as well as many of the singles off it, Nicki has some number ones in her personal life as well. Her relationship with rapper Meek Mill is doing great. So great to the point that people are claiming their engaged every other week.

Check out what Nicki revealed about her relationship with Meek, politics and much more.

On that huge ring that Meek Mill gave her: “Meek gave me that…He and I are not engaged. But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married.”

On Hillary Clinton: “I support her as a woman. Am I convinced that she should be the next president? I still want to be open-minded about everyone. Obviously, I identify with her struggles as a woman…”

On Donald Trump: “There are points he has made that may not have been so horrible if his approach wasn’t so childish. But in terms of entertainment — I think he’s hilarious. I wish they could just film him running for president. That’s the ultimate reality show.”

On Meek Mill: I don’t know what’s going to happen with he and I. I just know right now we are really, really enjoying each other’s company. So, shout out to everybody in the world that’s just trying to find love or be happy. Everybody should have someone to hold at night. It really, really changes your energy. I find that my energy is very different afterward — if I’m in the bed with him, just hugging him all day. It’s just, like, something about love. You transfer it. It’s infectious.

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