DJ Khaled Covers BILLBOARD Magazine

The first time I heard of DJ Khaled was back in 2007 when all of Miami’s favorite song was, “We Takin’ Over” which featured Khaled, Akon, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, T.I, Birdman and Rick Ross. Fast forward 10 years and DJ Khaled has literally “Takin’ Over” the entire entertainment industry.

DJ Khaled signed a deal with Jay Z‘s Roc Nation management, opened for Beyonce at her Formation World Tour, has every top artist on his songs and I just saw his in a Spiderman commercial. Honestly, what isn’t DJ Khaled doing?

In the July issue of Billboard magazine, Khaled opens up about his life…….

On his son Asahd being a “prophet”:“He leans in very closely: “He’s my son, but when I look at him, he’s my prophet, too. I believe me and Asahd was put on this world to show what love is.”

On his fear of flying: Khaled, if you don’t know, is terrified of flying. Tony Robbins, the celebrity “life and business strategist,” is trying to help him with this, leaving voice memos every few weeks reminding Khaled he’ll take him up in his jet anytime. For now, Khaled takes a tour bus between homes and responsibilities. Asahd, though, may change that. “He flies private,” says Khaled. “I’m just as stressed out on ground waiting for him, so I might as well be up there.”

On crying when he finally got Justin Bieber’s vocals: Weezy knocked it out, and that was it — except Bieber wasn’t done. “I’m calling every day like, ‘Do you need me to bring you tea? Is the AC good in the house?’ Then he sends it. I’m not going to lie. I shed tears.”

On people who think he doesn’t do anything: “Anybody who’s confused what Khaled does is an idiot.” He’s perched on the edge of his cushioned seat, waving his arms, voice echoing. “I produce, I write, I orchestrate. I’m a mogul and one of the biggest DJs you’ve seen in your life. I’ll bust your ass on some turntables. You go to my Miami studio, you’ll be blinded by the shining of the [platinum and gold] plaques. What, you think my records get made magically?”


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