Dwyane Wade Strips Down For ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’


Ladies, what’s a better way to start your day off than looking at a completely naked picture of Dwyane Wade? I mean, does it get any better?

The 34-year-old NBA superstar covers the ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’ 2016 and Gabrielle Union is clearly one lucky lady. In the issue, Dwyane opens up about the shoot, being a fat boy at heart and much more.

On being naked for the photo shoot: “I had a fear of being naked in front of others and a fear of being judged. So to me, overcoming that is the biggest thing. Someone may look at me and think, ‘Why would you have insecurity?’ Well, this is real life and I’m human, and these are the things that I deal with that many others might deal with.”

On enjoying food: “I can put on a few pounds pretty fast. I love to eat. I’m one of those guys who’s low-key, but I’m a fat boy at heart, man, when I’m eating. To me that’s kind of like my happy place: a great burger, fries and a soda.”

On blocking out the hate: “I have the ability to block things out. I’ve always been able to focus on the task at hand and not let something else bother me. Even when I’m in an arena and they are booing the heck out of me, I don’t focus on them booing me, I’m focused on that possession.”


Post Author: CourtneyOMG