Gabrielle Union Reveals What Motivates Her To Work Out

If you weren’t already super jealous of actress Gabrielle Union‘s toned body, you will be after reading this! The 44-year-old actress and wife of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade somehow stays in shape while still eating what she loves. These are my type of goals! Gabrielle covers the September issue of Health magazine and she opens up […]

NBA Star Dwyane Wade Shows Off His Fashion Sense In ‘Michigan Avenue’ Magazine

From Ocean Drive to Michigan Avenue, Dwyane Wade shows us that he will look dapper no matter where he is. Now that he’s left the Miami Heat and went to his hometown team of the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane can add a lot of new accessories to his wardrobe. You’re very limited when it comes to […]

Dwyane Wade Strips Down For ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’

Ladies, what’s a better way to start your day off than looking at a completely naked picture of Dwyane Wade? I mean, does it get any better? The 34-year-old NBA superstar covers the ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’ 2016 and Gabrielle Union is clearly one lucky lady. In the issue, Dwyane opens up about the shoot, being a […]

Gabrielle Union Explains Why She Asked Dwyane Wade To Sign A Prenup

Usually nowadays when getting married, a prenup is pretty standard. Unless you’re in denial and not thinking about what would happen in case you break up. Majority of the time it’s the man who asks for the prenup, especially if he’s the one bringing in more money. Well, not in Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s case. […]

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